We believe in craftsmanship -- people doing what they love and doing it well. It’s the driving force behind everything we do and we have enormous respect for those who bring dedication, talent, and experience to their work. That’s why, at Able Sense Publishing, we work with insightful experts to share their knowledge, skills, and stories with you.

Call for Submissions

Able Sense Publishing invites pitches from insightful experts looking to share their knowledge, skills, and stories. The how-to paired with the why-to and the how-it-went.

Who do we mean? Artists and artisans, craftspeople, builders, designers, farmers, brewers, and cheesemakers – dedicated types armed with ideas about their work. Thinking doers, if you will.

Pitches should include a detailed outline of your proposed book project, a sample of the work in progress, and some notes to help us situate you (are you a known entity in your field, have you written shorter pieces, been interviewed about your work?) and gauge your ability to contribute to the successful marketing of your book (we strongly encourage thinking outside the big-box).

Please send submission packages or queries by email to info@ablesensepublishing.com. Note: At this time we are only considering pitches from authors based in Nova Scotia.

Press Coverage

Cook with Kindness by Chantal Coolen

Straight from the Line by Jason Lynch