Importance of Redefining the Term Bestseller

It is very frustrating for published writers to not sell a single copy of their book. This has happened to so many writers not only in Canada but across the globe. This reality has resulted in a generation of writers working tirelessly hard for their book to be labelled as a “bestseller.”

Encourage writers


Writers are scared that their books won’t be good enough to be sold many times and that sales volume determines their skills and knowledge as a writer. Remember, yes, sales volume is a great way to calculate a book’s success but that is not the only basis.

A bestseller book is to be determined by what people are saying about it. In short, a great book is a bestseller. The unfortunate side of things is that some books don’t get the recognition they deserve in their time.

They have everything listed to be considered a best-seller. However, consumer behaviour is unpredictable therefore making it hard and nearly impossible to check if a book is a bestseller without high sales volumes.

Unlocks great ideas


Unfortunately, many writers these days are doing it for the sake of money. This is true. There are great writers out there, but they are clouded by the aspect of money. It is no doubt that with the right mindset, many writers are unable to unlock their full potential of telling amazing stories, either real or not. This is a case of passion over the almighty dollar.

If you want to be the author of a best-selling book, then you need to realize that writing a bestseller is not just about the money you make. It’s about the timeless stories you tell and its value to your readers.

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