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What ASP is all about

ASP is a website that provides information about the world of literature offline and online. ASP is more than just a website where you can get information about books, publishers, and authors. ASP is a community of people who loves to write and read. It is a community wherein aspiring and established writers can connect to exchange pleasantries, discuss topics, and share ideas.

ASP also provides key locator support for consumers looking for a particular book or other written products. The idea is to easily help people all over Canada locate and purchase a particular reading material both online and offline, they need.

The inspiration behind ASP is to create a platform wherein aspiring writers or publishers stay updated with the latest news in the world of literature, both business and art side of it.It is our mission to bridge talented writers and capable publishers to gift the world more amazing reads. We are partners with several publishing houses across Canada and some in the US.

There are thousands of aspiring writers here in Canada,all talented and have what it takes. We want to help them achieve their dreams as writers, better yet, as artists. We have helped hundreds of writers connect with the right publishers or organizations to get their ideas out in the world.

Our vision is to have more Canadian writers recognized worldwide and to elevate literature education here in the great white north. We someday dream to make Canada a country of the best authors in the world.

Seminars and Training

For aspiring writers out there, we provide online seminars and training programs about the many subjects of writing here in Canada and on a global scale.

Literature News

We provide the latest updates about new releases, up-and-coming writers, new publishers, and more here in Canada and across the globe. Stay updated with the latest news in writing.

Book Promotions

We help published writers to get the recognition they deserve for their amazing novels. We promote new releases to our publishing partners and other people.

The ASP Blog

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