Canada’s Top Globally Renowned Authors


In our community of more than 250,000 users, 45,000 of them are aspiring writers while more than 10,000 are studying literature. All these writers are inspired by the greatest Canadian writers ever.

Here they are.

Margaret Atwood

If we are talking about the greatest Canadian writers, then it is impossible to leave out Margaret Atwood. From Ottawa, Atwood is known not only in Canada but all over the globe. Her work resulted in several awards and millions of copies sold.

Canadas Top Globally Renowned Authors 1 - Canada’s Top Globally Renowned Authors

Her greatest book ever, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is one of the greatest pieces of literature to ever exist. This book won her the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award and 2985 Governor General’s Award.

The book was so successful that is was adapted into a television series, which is now one of the biggest shows ever.

Atwood is not only a novelist but a poet, essayist, teacher, literary critic, inventor, and environmental activist. Atwood is now 80 years old and has already cemented her legacy in literature. Her books will live a long way beyond her time.

Yann Martel

Yann Martel was born in Spain but is Canadian by blood. He is known for so many best-selling books including Beatrice and Virgil, Self, 101 Letters to the Prime Minister, and of course, the Life of Pi.

Martell is mostly known for his French-Canadian descent novels but what established him as one of the best is the Life of Pi. You’ve probably seen the movie which won 4 Academy Awards.

The entire story was from the brilliant mind of Martel. Millions of his fans are closely and patiently waiting for yet another great release from him.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery served as an inspiration for both Atwood and Martel.  Montgomery was one of the biggest Canadian authors around the globe back in the 1900s. In 1908, she published Anne of Green Gables.

It was one of her earliest books and is her greatest work. Anne of Green Gables kicked off one of the greatest book series that follows Anne Shirley, an orphaned girl.

Green Gables was then followed by Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, and so on.

That book gave Montgomery international recognition and she quickly became one of the greatest to ever write. To this day, Montgomery continues to inspire a lot of writers in and out of Canada, mostly women.

Montgomery’s contribution to literature led here to become the first female member of the British Royal Society of Arts in 1924.

For all writers out there, if you guys ever need the inspiration to keep you going, we suggest you read the amazing books of these three accomplished writers. If you want to learn more about these authors and their works, subscribe to ouronline blog for more releases.

Importance of Redefining the Term Bestseller


It is very frustrating for published writers to not sell a single copy of their book. This has happened to so many writers not only in Canada but across the globe. This reality has resulted in a generation of writers working tirelessly hard for their book to be labelled as a “bestseller.”

Encourage writers

Importance of Redefining the Term Bestseller 2 - Importance of Redefining the Term Bestseller

Writers are scared that their books won’t be good enough to be sold many times and that sales volume determines their skills and knowledge as a writer. Remember, yes, sales volume is a great way to calculate a book’s success but that is not the only basis.

A bestseller book is to be determined by what people are saying about it. In short, a great book is a bestseller. The unfortunate side of things is that some books don’t get the recognition they deserve in their time.

They have everything listed to be considered a best-seller. However, consumer behaviour is unpredictable therefore making it hard and nearly impossible to check if a book is a bestseller without high sales volumes.

Unlocks great ideas

Importance of Redefining the Term Bestseller 1 - Importance of Redefining the Term Bestseller

Unfortunately, many writers these days are doing it for the sake of money. This is true. There are great writers out there, but they are clouded by the aspect of money. It is no doubt that with the right mindset, many writers are unable to unlock their full potential of telling amazing stories, either real or not. This is a case of passion over the almighty dollar.

If you want to be the author of a best-selling book, then you need to realize that writing a bestseller is not just about the money you make. It’s about the timeless stories you tell and its value to your readers.

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