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About ablesensepublishing - About Us

Able Sense Publishing was founded back in 2010 by postmaster Kyle Wilson from Calgary. The publishing house was initially meant to serve as the official publisher of a local paper planned to be launched at the end of the year.

However, funding for the paper was cancelled and the publishing house was left without a client with a big loan from the bank.

Wilson poured every dollar of his savings to keep the business from being taken away and he decided to build on it, a dream he once had – to publish a book.

ASP’s First-Ever Book ReleaseAs a registered publishing house, Wilson had all the resources and machinery to mass-produce a book. So, he decided to publish his own. While working as a postmaster for more than 13 years, Wilson has written nearly 20 books of fiction and non-fiction.


Wilson submitted his novels to dozens of publishers, but no one would go through with publishing it.

So, with no luck, he decided to make his own. To his surprise, he managed to make money out of his book, enough to keep the publishing business running. In the coming months, Wilson was approached by dozens of aspiring writers looking to have their work published.

Calgary’s Top Publishing House

In 2014, after publishing nearly 50 novels and selling more than 80,000 copies in Alberta, ASP was recognized as one of the best publishing houses in Calgary. Wilson was then approached by many agents hoping to have their client’s novels published under ASP.

By May 2014, ASP published internationally acclaimed books that made a reputation for the publisher across Canada. A business that started with one man became a group of 30 professionals including Wilson himself.

2018: ASP’s Big Break

In February 2018, ASP got a deal from a partner publishing company to handle the printing and distribution of several best-selling books in North America. Since then, ASP has been recognized as one of the best publishing houses not only in the province of Alberta but throughout Canada.

Never Forgetting the Roots

Despite its global operation, Wilson and all of ASP remain true to their roots of helping writers who don’t have the funding and resources to push through with their books.